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Because there are no shortcuts to quality. In our search to produce the best wool wear we have worked persistently to do better for 165 years. Our customers trust in us have kept them warm since 1853. Today we are doing the same for you, the modern adventurer. No matter if you are crossing the poles or if your expeditions takes you to the nearest peak or park.

To us quality is personal.

In 2017 we launched our “Sheep to Shop” program, promising full traceability and transparency through every step of our value chain. We travelled all over the world. We visited several countries where the Merino wool with the highest standard on earth is being produced, and we met with farmers who are just as passionate about quality as we are. These farmers take honor in producing the world’s best Merino wool, and their pride inspired us to create the “Sheep to Shop” program. By getting truly involved with their farms and heritage it allows us to tell their story far beyond their fertile grasslands.

Devold has committed to long-term contracts with farmers in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. This strong relationship provides the farmers with predictable wool prices, whilst consistently providing Devold with quality wool that meet all of our strict requirements.

Today, over half of our products are being made with "Sheep to Shop"-wool, and every piece is labeled so our costumers know which exact individual farm the wool originated from.

We visit them on a regular basis and know their families. The quality of the wool depends on how the animals are being treated. That is why "The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare" are supported by all of the farms that work with us.

"It is all about the people and their passion and pride for what they do"

- Cathrine Stange, CEO Devold Norway

Edward Martin
New South Wales,

Hugo Pitts,
Camden & Jordan Station,
New Zealand

Juan Alberto Vasquez,
Estancia Santa Margarita,

Land management

Our farmers regulate the land by making sure they use the right fertilization, to not overuse the soil and carefully regulate the number of sheep on the fields. Their shared view is that they don’t own the land, but merely look after it for the coming generations.

Our CEO, Cathrine Stange, inspecting Merino wool in Argentina with our Wool quality checker in Patagonia, Diego Maza.

We are sourcing organic wool

We receive our organic Merino wool from Patagonia, Argentina, a magical place with great conditions for organic production where every little sheep on average enjoys over one square mile of sublime nature all year around. The only time the animals are in contact with other humans apart from their protective Gaucho, is when they are being shared once per year. Our organic farms follow strict rules when it comes to both animal welfare and sustainable farming. This is to allow their flora and fauna to become as pure and bio diverse as possible. It takes up to three years to “detox” a farm and become fully approved. On their fields you will never smell any harmful pesticide or poisonous supplements on neither sheep, soil or sheared wool.

Our organic farmers from Argentina are regulated after two Organic protocols for Argentina; The O.I.A. (Organizacion Internacional Agropecuaria) and G.O.T.S. - Global Organic Textile Standard).

We have our own European state-of-the-art factory, adapted to Devold’s products. It’s a laboratory testing the quality of the wool fiber, as well as checking the yarn and the fabrics, and finally the quality of the readymade garments – ensuring you a great condition.

At our factory we have a Sustainability Manager to ensure the eco certification of our factory. Our after-treatment Total Easy Care is non-chlorine based and parts of our factory is even heated by the direct use of geothermal energy.

Good working conditions for our employees. Highly skilled workforce. Brand new and top modern production facilities.

We drive wool wear innovation. From Langevåg outside Ålesund our creative development team generate new wool creations. They are outdoor enthusiast dedicated to make you get the most out of your time outdoors.

All Devold garments are designed and developed by our Design & Product Development team in Norway.

Wool Innovations


Middle layer


Outer layer

Tested outdoors. Always.

Our outdoor ambassadors test all our products to the limit, in the rugged Norwegian mountains that surround our headquarters.


Our product testers

Fitness guru and

Vincent Colliard
Ski-explorer, adventurer
and photographer

Anneli Pompe
Diver and adventurer

Aleksander Gamme
Polar explorer, adventurer
and media profile

It’s nature’s own high-tech super fiber. It keeps you dry and warm through the toughest adventures. And we source only the finest and softest Merino wool.

Regulation of temperature
Regulation of temperature
Odor control
Odor control
Healthy microclimate
Healthy microclimate
UV Protection
UV Protection
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Licensed by Woolmark
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