On the other side of the world

On windy, hilly, grassy farmland, where crickets bring out their fiddles at sunset and remarkably silent and fluffy sheep graze together during midday - that´s where it seems like time has stood still for centuries. Except, it hasn’t at all. The most outstanding merino sheep farmers in the world, in Australia and on Tasmania, are working hard to innovate their production, procedures and product every year. 

The dozen or so farmer-families that have made the cut for Devold’s exclusive partner list, have evolved for generations, some counting nine back, and the sheep have evolved with them. The production of these farmers is extraordinary sustainable, remarkably environmental friendly and has eliminated harmful handling of the sheep, like for instance mulesing (removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the breech of a sheep to prevent fly strike) . The farmers care for the wellbeing of both their land and their animals, and have learned to know that a sheep who´s enjoying life, makes enjoyable wool. But most importantly, merino farmers live under the echo of “handing over a farm in a better condition than it was by the time of receiving”, from one generation to the next. This way of thinking does not just ensure a more efficient and sustainable farm, it also helps the quality of Devold’s clothes to improve.

When sheep farmers talk about growing wool, that´s exactly what they mean. The ultra soft, blindingly white merino wool originate from the back of the male ram, female ewe and baby lamb. The best farmers in the world  make sure the grass, earth, air and shelter are of unprecedented quality. Furthermore they analyze the genetics and DNA of their new sheep every year, and always pair the best male and female in order to; grow wool. Many farmers call their lifeline and future fabric “the white”, and they are proud of what they have managed to evolve and produce during the last two centuries. The first merinos from Germany, the extremely fine and white Saxon-merinos, jumped ashore on the sunny island of Tasmania in the 1820s. Today Australia is one of the world’s largest producer of the finest merino wool that exists. Selected merino sheep farms grow more evolved, smarter and happier sheep, which in turn makes softer, stronger and more sustainable wool. How can that be? you ask. Well, here´s a story for you.

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