Our own value chain

Our production is like an open book: each garment has its own story that you can trace all the way back to the sheep that produced the wool. We take you on a journey from sheep grazing on large swathes of land, to proud farmers who share our passion for quality, on to wool washing and spinning, and to our own Oeko-Tex-certified factory in Europe, where our garments are knitted by the happy people working for us.

97% manufactured at our own factory

All our woollen garments are manufactured in our own factory. To reduce our carbon footprint, we’ll try to move all our production to a factory of ours in Europe.

90% transport by sea and land

Transport by sea and land. Although we transport merino wool across large distances, we mainly rely on maritime and land transport.

100% recycling

Recycling of cut-offs from our textile production. These go into new products.

Environmentally friendly

As a matter of fact, Devold has owned its own factories since inception. We also co-own an environmentally certified dye (C2C, European Eco Label, Nordic Eco Label, Oeko-Tex), which ensures that Devold wool is free of hazardous dyes. All chemicals used in our products and packaging meet the requirements of REACH, the EU’s Chemicals Regulation.