Natural materials

Sustainability is not a trend. For us, it’s a matter of course. It’s the very foundation on which Devold rests. It’s about us firmly believing that nature has the answer to the climate problems caused by the textile industry. It’s about selecting materials that biodegrade when a garment’s life is over.


of all Devold garments are treaceable, with more than 60% being traceable all the way to the exact farm that produced the wool. See for your self, on your garment´s label.


of Devold´s collections are made of wool. In addition to wool, we use natural, degradable materials such as Tencel. But for some garments, i.e. socks, we blend in synthetics to make them more durable and elastic. We work to make all synthetic materials degradable.

- 20% and 26%

Since 2018. we´ve redused plastic packaging by 20% and the amount of cardboard by 26% in our production.